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Agency Description

Enable, Inc. is a non-profit agency which provides a variety of educational, social, rehabilitative and therapeutic services to children, adolescents and adults. For all these individuals and their families, Enable creates a continuum of unique and innovative services that facilitate individual growth and family integration. These services, which are individually-centered, family-focused, and delivered in a developmental context, enable individuals to realize their potential.

Enable, Inc. Mission

Enable’s Mission is to develop and manage innovative and responsive services that enhance the ability of individuals to lead a meaningful and independent life in the community.

Enable is committed to providing services that incorporate social, educational, rehabilitative and therapeutic methods to support the growth of each individual.

Enable develops and manages community-based programs for children, adolescents, adults, and families, including those with disabilities.

Aspiring to provide individuals and families with the means, opportunity, and power to develop their full potential in the community. 605 Neponset Street, Canton, MA 02021 Tel. (781) 828-4770 Fax (781) 575-0078