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At this time of historic health and social challenges, Enable, Inc., seeks to reaffirm its community–oriented mission. Systemic and institutional inequities, especially in matters of race, remain major impediments to people and communities achieving their full potential. We are committed to helping to dismantle systemic racism and to achieve justice and public safety. We believe that an organization that prioritizes diversity, equity, and inclusion creates an environment that respects and values individual differences along varying dimensions. Our approach continually emphasizes that the individual, the family, and society are interconnected. Ever-mindful of our mission to deliver innovative and responsive services and programs, we seek to enrich and strengthen our commitment to diversity and multiculturalism and advance equity as a core value within Enable.

We are focused on aligning our values with our actions. We promote sensitivity to and knowledge of oppression and cultural and racial diversity. By encouraging learning, exchange, and openness among our administrators and staff, we enhance our competence in serving a culturally diverse population. We seek to cultivate a work environment that encourages awareness of other’s lived experiences, values our clients and each other as diverse individuals, and promotes mutual respect and shared responsibility. Through our hiring and staff development procedures, resources allotment, service provision, administrative and leadership practices, we strive to advance equity in our services and programs and in society and systems.

We understand and appreciate that we must be diligent and passionate about the pursuit of social justice. And we know that we’re joining together with others on this rightful quest. Through our work, an expression of our history and values, we aim to contribute to building a more just and equitable society.

Aspiring to provide individuals and families with the means, opportunity, and power to develop their full potential in the community. 605 Neponset Street, Canton, MA 02021 Tel. (781) 828-4770 Fax (781) 575-0078