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A developmental/therapeutic program for children from birth to age three who have an established disability or are at risk due to biological or environmental factors.


Enable Inc., recognizing the varied medical, developmental and social needs of infants, young children and their families, pursued certification in 1989 by the Department of Public Health to provide Early Intervention Services. Enable Early Intervention provides early intervention services for families living in the elecen towns of Canton, Dedham, Norwood, Walpole, Sharon, Plainville, Norfolk, Wrentham, Millis, Medfield and Westwood.

Program Description

Enable Early Intervention provides comprehensive, developmental services for eligible children and their families. Eligible children must be between birth and three years of age and meet one of the following criteria established by DPH:

• an approved diagnosis associated with developmental delays
  or concerns

• an established delay in at least one area of development
  (fine motor, gross motor, cognition, language or social/emotional)

• the presence of four child or family characteristics related to
  early medical history or environmental concerns

• significant concerns related to the quality of current
  developmental skills

Early Intervention services are family-centered and focus on each child and family’s individual strengths. Early Intervention staff and families collaborate as a team to create an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). The IFSP is a flexible document that reflects ongoing changes in the child’s development. Early Intervention services typically take place in the child’s home or a community setting. During visits, early intervention staff and parents identify and practice strategies for the family to incorporate into daily routines, activities and play.

Enable Early Intervention offers playgroups entitled Toddler Time Playgroups for infants, toddlers and their families. The playgroups are available to all children in the community. Children with a current IFSP may attend for 2.5 hours per week without a fee, while children without an IFSP pay a fee to participate. Additional information about Toddler Time Playgroups is available at .


The Enable Early Intervention team consists of staff with advanced degrees within their professional disciplines including the fields of education, speech language pathology, physical therapy, occupational therapy, social work and nursing. In addition to their professional licensures and ongoing continuing education, staff members obtain DPH certification as Early Intervention Specialists. Each staff member contributes a specialty to the team, and they share their knowledge with families and other staff members. Staff members use a holistic approach when looking at children and their development. They focus on the child’s strengths in all areas of development to support areas of identified need.

We currently have an opening for Early Intervention Specialist (Developmental Specialist, OT, PT, SLP, LICSW). (Click the link to view ad in a new window.)


Parents may refer their child who is under three years of age to Enable Early Intervention at any time if they have questions or concerns about their child’s development. A formal referral from their pediatrician is not required to initiate services. Pediatricians and child care providers may suggest a referral to Early Intervention if they notice delays in a child’s developmental milestones. Early Intervention services are voluntary, and a family may end services at any time.


Most health insurance plans cover Early Intervention services. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health pays all costs that are not covered by insurance. Parents do not pay co-pays or deductibles.

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