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The Cole-Harrington Family Child Care System contracts with approximately 85 family child care (FCC) educators in 30 towns located in Bristol, Norfolk and Plymouth counties.


The Cole-Harrington Family Child Care System was developed in 1988 to provide home based child care services to low income children and children at-risk for abuse and neglect.

Program Description

Family child care offers a nurturing and educational program for children ages 2 months to 12 years. Children have the opportunity to interact with a small group of young children within a supportive and stimulating environment. Our family child care educators follow the High Scope Curriculum, a well-established early childhood curriculum that has been proven to meet the educational needs of children from all economic and cultural backgrounds. Each child is encouraged to participate in age-appropriate activities which will enhance their physical, cognitive, language, literacy, emotional and social development to prepare them for a successful transition into public school. Parents are viewed as the most important influence in their children’s lives. We encourage our family child care educators to maintain regular communication with parents and facilitate parent/educator conferences throughout the year.

Our family child care system offers a range of support services to family child educators to help them achieve their goals for a responsive, meaningful and high quality child care program.

• Home visits by degreed early childhood professionals

• On-site curriculum training and support and professional workshops

• Educational newsletters

• Technical assistance to address licensing and program quality issues

• CDA certification assistance

• Billing and administrative services

• Consultation services with health and mental health specialists

• Please visit to learn more


Family child care educators have an EEC license to operate a child care program in their home. All FCC educators are independent contractors who affiliate with our FCC system to provide child care to children referred by the system.

The FCC system employs a team of degreed early childhood specialists who collaborate with FCC educators and parents to facilitate children’s placement, assess and monitor their developmental progress, and develop curriculum to meet the developmental and education needs of children. Our system staff encourage and support FCC educators in their efforts to continue their professional development in the field of early childhood education.

Our clinical social workers provide case management and clinical support services to families referred by the Department of Children and Families. A child psychologist and pediatrician provide consultation services to the early childhood specialists to address the health and mental health needs of children.

Our early childhood educators and social workers follow culturally responsive practices. See links below.

National Association of the Education of Young Children

National Association of Social Workers


Children enrolled in the Cole-Harrington Family Child Care System receive subsidies through our contract with the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) to provide child care to children to low-income families and at-risk children referred by Department of Child & Family Services (DCF). Our FCC system also holds contracts with voucher management agencies to provide subsidized child care to additional low income families and families receiving transitional assistance. Low income families must meet specific financial guidelines and service needs as determined by EEC.


A sliding scale fee is used to determine the weekly parent fee for families in subsidized slots funded by EEC. There are no fees for families referred by DCF.

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