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What We Offer:


Networks case managers can assist consumers to find and secure housing. This may include applying for moveable Section 8 certificates, Project Based Vouchers, or housing authority properties among other options. Once housed, consumers will receive assistance from case managers to maintain current housing, work with housing management around accessibility, and manage maintenance issues.

Financial Management:

Consumers may receive education and/or physical support to pay bills and budget monthly expenses. Case managers can also assist consumers to rectify pre-existing financial problems and get back on track. Consumers may request assistance in applying for and understanding benefits such as Social Security, SSI, SSDI, MassHealth, Medicare, SNAP assistance, fuel assistance and other programs for which they may be eligible.

Household Management:

Consumers living independently in their own homes or apartments may request assistance from case management coordinating and setting up systems for household management. These may include planning for shopping, ensuring proper housekeeping tasks are complete, and creating organizational systems.

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Personal Health Care:

Case Managers may assist consumers to maintain personal health care by providing support for medical appointments, assisting consumers with follow-through of physician’s recommendations, and ensuring proper medication regimens are followed. Consumers can request assistance from case managers to help research insurance issues and therapeutic options. Case Managers can also coordinate care and discharge following hospital procedures or stays.

Equipment Needs:

Case Managers may assist consumers to investigate and obtain appropriate adaptive equipment. This may include mobility devices, such as walkers and wheelchairs or household adjustments such as automatic door openers and grab bars in the bathroom. Case Managers can also assist consumers to be screened for and to obtain assistive technology, such as communication devices and computer programs.


Consumers may utilize several methods of transportation. Case Managers can assist them to secure PT1’s for transportation to medical appointments. Case Managers may also assist with applications, education and coordination for public transportation in the communities where they reside. Additionally, case managers can help consumers in hard to access areas to find creative methods for transportation.

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Social and Recreational Activities:

Case Managers can make recommendations, research options and funding and assist with coordinating social and recreational opportunities. Networks consumers have enjoyed activities such as horseback riding, adaptive sports, travel, concerts and community outings among other choices.

Educational or Vocational Needs:

For those consumers interested in pursuing continued education or work in the community, case managers can assist to research options, refer to appropriate funding assist, assist with enrollment and provide follow-up on tasks.

Personal Care Assistance Programs:

Consumers may access MassHealth’s Personal Care Attendant program based on eligibility. Networks Case Managers can act as surrogates for the program and assist with hiring staff, monitoring and maintaining an appropriate schedule, completing paperwork and otherwise assist to manage daily hands on care.


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