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The philosophy of Enable is based on four basic principles. Each of these principles has a conceptual and operational framework. These four principles are blended together to produce a well-integrated, proactive organization.

The First Principle

The governing conceptual and operational framework of Enable is adopted from the health care industry. The first principle represents a mission-oriented, value-driven service delivery perspective. The delivery of the service is reflected by a core set of values that influence and guide the operation of the organization.

The Second Principle

The second major principle is the adoption of a set of nine that provide a set of beliefs and a code of conduct that provides a framework for all interactions. Our Values include Respect, Family, Developmental Approach, Systems Approach, Outreach, Empowerment, Community Integration, Responsiveness to Change and Leadership. Each of these Values is incorporated into our daily interactions and relationship between and among staff, Board, clients, funding sources and parents. These values are clearly the driving force in all our endeavors.

The Third Principle

The third principle is Organization Effectiveness. We have adopted the 7S framework that states there is a multiplicity of factors that influence an organization’s ability to change and in order to be an effective organization, one must identify these seven factors and recognize that each of these seven factors are interdependent and collectively determine the effectiveness of the organization.

The 7S model employs a systems approach which recognizes the importance of the interconnectedness of the seven variables. This systems approach also recognizes the developmental aspect of organizations and the subsequent impact upon all seven variables. Equal attention must be directed toward all seven to continuously improve the organization.

The Fourth Principle

The fourth principle relates to the principles and practices of Prevention. The prevention model includes an intervention orientation that provides early intervention in the young child’s life to preclude more extensive, more costly services at a later time. This early intervention focus includes the integration of the social, emotional, cognitive, physiological and developmental aspects coupled with the principles and practices of the disciplines of early childhood intervention, social work, rehabilitation and special education.

Organization Effectiveness Factors
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