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Enable, Inc. operates six programs which provide a variety of educational, social, rehabilitative, and therapeutic services to children, adolescents and adults, enabling these individuals to realize their full potential in the community.

Cole-Harrington Children's Center

A comprehensive child care program for children aged two months to twelve years residing in Bristol, Norfolk and Plymouth counties.

Consultation Services for Children

Consultation Services for Children (CSC) offers collaborative mental health consultation services to early education and care programs located in Metro West towns in Massachusetts.

Early Intervention

A developmental/therapeutic program for children from birth to age three who have an established disability or are at risk due to biological or environmental factors.

Family Child Care System

The Cole-Harrington Family Child Care System contracts with approximately 85 family child care (FCC) educators in 30 towns located in Bristol, Norfolk and Plymouth counties.

First Steps for Families and Children

A therapeutic program to assist families referred by the Department of Children and Families in providing a stable and healthy environment for children from birth to age eighteen.

NETWORKS Supported Living Center

Networks Supported Living Services provides case management to individuals with disabilities allowing them to live independently, thereby maximizing their potential in the community.

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