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The following 9 values were adopted by the Board of Directors as representative of a system of core beliefs and value system. The organization is committed to the integration of this value system into the policies and operations of the entire organization. This value system applies to the quality of interaction between and among clients, staff, supervisors, and programs.


This value refers to a basic respect for each person as a human being with varying strengths and abilities. Within this concept is an understanding between and among staff and supervisors to accepts others as they are and encourage them to actualize their potential by moving beyond their current limitations.


Leadership requires the vision and energy to initiate, articulate and sustain action. Effective leadership challenges staff to develop and expand beyond traditional boundaries and encourages a passion, commitment, and focus on common goals.

Responsiveness to Change

Enable positions itself to be continually responsive to the changing needs for services. This flexibility encourages creative approaches to the development and implementation of innovative programs.

Developmental Approach

Enable recognizes the significant impact of the developmental process on each individual, family, and/or organizational unit. Development is a dynamic process in which the individual, family, and/or organization must acquire new skills, ideas and behaviors that are integrated into the existing system. The successful integration of each developmental stage is dependent upon environmental, social and biological factors. It is the intent of Enable to facilitate the progress from one developmental stage to another by providing appropriate supports and services.

Systems Approach

The core of the of Enable is a systems orientation which incorporates a holistic view of child, family and community. Inherent in this approach is an operational commitment to expand beyond any one specialized discipline to the development of an inclusive service plan for the child and family. This systems orientation encourages collaborative cooperation between and among internal and external programs. This collaboration results in a comprehensive, coordinated, responsive and responsible service delivery system.


This value recognizes the importance of maintaining the integrity of the family unit taking into consideration family attitudes, cultural perspective, values, and priorities. The impact of an individual upon the family’s ability to function is assessed and the family is assisted in developing effective strategic interventions.

Community Integration

Enable is committed to fostering the integration of people with disabilities into the community. The underlying goal is to educate the community to the value and methods of inclusion of people with special needs. Enable seeks to prevent social isolation for members of this population, thus increasing their sense of belonging.


Enable recognizes that empowerment is rooted in the tradition of activating the power, strength, or competence in an individual and his/her family by enabling them to advocate, access, or create appropriate services. The intent of empowering is to identify the strengths of an individual and assist the individual and family in maximizing their health, educational, and vocational potential.


Enable’s mode of delivering services is philosophically oriented to outreach. This approach guides the selection of target populations, services to be delivered and design of service delivery. The value placed on outreach results in the agency’s commitment to working with low incidence, multi-problem, underserved, and resistant populations. Enable continually challenges itself to find ways to engage these individuals and families in a partnership for growth and progressive change.

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